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We proudly specialize in hardwood, vinyl, and laminate flooring systems. Whether you're looking for us to restore a floor to its former glory or give you something new, you can count on us.

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Your Experienced Flooring Contractors

Your floor is literally the foundation of your home or business. Without a soundly constructed floor, life's simple tasks can quickly turn complicated. That is why it is important to work with experienced contractors that understand flooring. Not just the flooring process, but the factors that can influence the quality of a flooring system. That is where we come in.

With over two decades of industry experience to our name, we've encountered virtually every type of scenario you can fathom. From warped floorboards and peeled finish to cupped and crowned edges, we've seen it all. Rest assured, we've also corrected these frustrating matters as well. More often than not, the floors we've installed have even helped home and business owners from avoiding these issues altogether.

Our years of experience allow us not only to address issues swiftly but also to anticipate them. When you want to save time and money, stick with the professionals. Stick with us.

Flooring Options Galore

Thanks to our skilled crew and our long-standing relationships with reputable materials suppliers, we're able to install and service flooring systems of all varieties. For your reading pleasure, here is some information about the flooring options available through us:


Everyone loves the classic look of a luxurious hardwood floor, but many people feel like the cost of installing a new floor is too high. CVM Enterprises Inc. is here to tell you that if you own a home in Creve Coeur, that is not necessarily true.

Creve Coeur Hardwood Flooring Installation
Creve Coeur Hardwood Flooring Installation


Are you considering installing new flooring in your home or business, but are unsure about which type of flooring would be best for you? Do you want flooring that will stand up to daily wear and tear without breaking the bank? Perhaps you should consider laminate flooring. CVM Enterprises Inc. has been installing laminate flooring in homes and businesses all across Creve Coeur for many years, and we have found that it is a substance that has many advantages over other types of floors.


When you think of vinyl, you may think of ugly, old-fashioned, cheap looking floors you have seen in older houses, but this is no longer an accurate impression. Thanks to a number of advances over the years, vinyl flooring has become an aesthetically pleasing and economical choice for savvy Creve Coeur home and business owners.

Ceramic Tile

When you want to add some style to your home or business, ceramic tile is the best option. This long-lasting and low-maintenance option comes in many shapes, colors, and designs. We can install tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, or wherever you wish.

Wood Flooring Repair Services

Wood floors of all varieties are certainly making a comeback. While some might want a fresh start with completely new wood floors, we're capable of repairing and restoring your existing flooring system. Some of the problems we address include:

General Wear and Tear

Most wooden floors come with a finish that protects the wood from everyday traffic and activities. Over time this finish can disappear. When this happens, your hardwood floors may become more vulnerable to pets, children's toys, and foot traffic. We can re-finish your floors to make sure they continue to thrive.

Gaps in Floorboards

Have you noticed wide gaps between the floorboards? These gaps stem from improper installation practices. We can take steps to re-install sections of your floorboards to ensure they do not expand or contract any more than normal.

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Creve Coeur Hardwood Flooring Installation

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