Wood Floor Refinishing

If your lovely living room or gorgeous bedrooms are losing their appearance due to their hardwood flooring being worn down, consider bringing CVM Enterprises Inc. onboard. We're the right team to call if you've been thinking about getting rid of scratches or blemishes on your wood floors. Our vast experience in maintaining hardwood flooring means we’re confident we can achieve a cleaner, more even result at a better price than any of our competitors.

We’ll treat your floors carefully to bring out their natural beauty once again.

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Restore Your Wood Floors to Their Former Glory

Using wood floor refinishing techniques that we've been refining for over 20 years, we’ll completely restore your floors and make them shine in a way you haven't seen in years, if ever!

As the best local hardwood flooring expert, we’ve developed a refinishing system that never fails. The same approach is responsible for our countless happy clients and the many excellent reviews on our various online profiles. We’re also pleased to provide you with references from former clients if requested.

Careful Floor Refinishing Practices Equal Great Results

Here is the simplified, step-by-step refinishing process we use that will bring your searches for a hardwood flooring expert to an end.

From start to finished, our process includes:

  • Removing all furniture and taking baseboards off the walls
  • Taping up doorways and light switches, blocking air vents, and covering cabinetry and furniture in plastic wrap
  • Drum-sanding floors, starting with a rough grit and working down to a smoother grit
  • Scouring all dust from floors and applying wood filler where necessary
  • Applying seal coat in a perfectly even layer with no puddles, bare spots, or footprints
  • Applying the first finish, beginning with corners and doorways for a nice, even coating
  • One final sanding and shop-vac of dust
  • Application of final finishing coat
  • Cleanup and removal of any remaining supplies or materials

We follow a rigorous yet simple process that takes an expert like CVM Enterprises Inc. to do correctly.

Over 20 Years of Building Our Refinishing Reputation

After 20 plus years of providing exceptional floor refinishing for everyone who hires us for the job, we have our services down to a science.

We can't count the number of times clients have expressed to us that they had no idea their floors were so beautiful. They had beautiful floors all along—all they needed to do was hire us to discover it.

Keeping Your Hardwood Refinishing Cost Low

Our efficient service allows us to get the job done quickly while keeping your costs low.

Because we already have all the equipment we need, and the cost of supplies like seal coating and finish coating is relatively low, you are mostly paying for expertise and labor. Since we work so efficiently, we’ll never hang around longer than necessary, which means we'll never overcharge you for the time spent working.

Contact CVM Enterprises Inc. to Refinish Your Wood Floor

We'd love to hear from you about your wood floor refinishing ideas. We’ve spent years building up our expertise and look forward to the opportunity to showcase it.

If you want to get the most out of your wood floors, please call us for a quote on services today. You can always reach us at (314) 996-9227.


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