Why You Need a Professional Hardwood Restoration

Why You Need a Professional Hardwood Restoration

If your home or business has hardwood flooring, you already know how beautiful it can be. Everyone loves the look of finished hardwood, as it adds elegance and grace to any building. Hardwood floors aren’t impervious to time, however. As you use floors, they will show signs of wear and tear in scuffs, scratches, and worn patches. Because of prolonged use, there is no way to prevent damage from occurring.

You don’t have to let this impact your floors for good. You can bring your floors back to their original luster while receiving many other benefits that come with it.

With a professional hardwood floor restoration from CVM Enterprises Inc., there’s no shortage of ways you can help improve the look and feel of your building. Keep reading to see why you should opt for a professional hardwood floor restoration!

Improve Your Floor’s Beauty

Over time, the damage to a hardwood floor will prevent your home and floor from looking its best. Scratches and scuffs are unattractive as sure signs of age and disrepair, and they take away from the timeless elegance you want your floors to embody.

With a professional restoration, you can get your floors back to the beauty they originally had without any effort on your part. Through careful sanding and refinishing, all the blemishes can be removed, leaving you with a beautifully smooth surface. It’s also an opportunity to update the look of your floors; refinishing can include new staining and coloring to change how your floor looks in your home.

A floor restoration might be the update your space needs to improve its beauty.

Increase Home Value

If you’re looking to put your home on the market, a floor restoration could be the cost-effective investment you’re looking for to increase your home’s value. A new finish for your floor will go a long way towards improving your home’s overall look and feel when showing it to prospective buyers; making the best impression will help gather the best return.

You will be able to entice more buyers and drive up the price of your home as the added beauty of a new finish transforms your shabby floor into a selling point. Don’t put your home on the market when it’s not at its best – always do everything you can to improve the look, starting with the hardwood floors.

Save Money

When you’re thinking of ways to rejuvenate your flooring surface, it might seem like the only option available to you is a brand new floor installation. This will end up costing you more money than you think. Between ripping out the existing hardwood and purchasing and installing a new floor surface, you’re looking at a costly and inefficient project.

Instead of looking for something totally new, you should consider working with what you already have. One of the best parts about hardwood is how you can refinish the surface, adding decades to the lifespan at an affordable cost. Refinishing requires no charge for labor of removal or installation and no purchase of new materials – we can quickly smooth out the surface and leave it with a brand-new finish.

Easier Maintenance

When a hardwood floor is scuffed up and scratched, you may notice that it becomes more challenging to look after. Sweeping and polishing no longer have the ease they once had, as you’re left working more on a harsher surface that traps dirt and dust. You also may notice more damage from water on your floor when the finished coating is stripped away.

When you get your floor restored, you can make life easier for yourself. Cleaning can be much easier, as the smoothness allows seamless sweeping, dusting, and polishing without the problematic spots that were holding you back before. You’ll also get a rejuvenated coating that keeps your floor safe from water or other spills.

A Safer Surface

Wood that has seen wear and scratches poses a threat to safety, especially compared to a smoother new finish. Not only is it easier to trip in a scuff on hardwood, but it’s also a hazard due to potential splinters and chips.

When you refinish your floor, you’re investing in the safety of your home. You can maintain a healthier space for guests, children, and yourself, as all dangerous areas are sanded out and given a protective coating. Don’t take any risks with old wood flooring – get it restored instead.

Excellent Workmanship

A floor restoration may now seem like a no-brainer decision, but you might be tempted to try such a project on your own. While the cost savings can be enticing, it’s also worth considering the risk you incur when trying to refinish a floor without any experience. You could damage the floor further through improper use of equipment or sanding.

With a professional, you never have to worry about the quality of your floor. The workmanship will speak for itself, as we are careful to ensure your floor is level, uniform, and safe in every area. We don’t miss any corners or crevices when sanding or finishing your floors, as we strive for perfection. This helps you maximize the value of your investment, ensuring a beautiful floor for years to come.


If you’ve been thinking of getting your hardwood floors restored, you shouldn’t wait any longer! You could get so many important benefits by refurbishing the existing hardwood. You can save money compared to a new floor installation, improve the beauty and value of your home, and get a safer and more easily maintained surface.

But a hardwood restoration should only be handled by a professional. If you’ve been looking for a company for the job, look no further. CVM Enterprises Inc. has been performing comprehensive and customized hardwood restorations for years, guaranteeing outstanding quality for all types of wood and colors.

Reach out to our team if you’d like to book a consultation for your restoration project, or leave a comment if you’ve benefitted from our services in the past!