Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between vinyl and linoleum flooring?

Vinyl flooring is easier to clean. Linoleum requires specialty cleaners and more maintenance. Linoleum is made from natural ingredients that include linseed oil, tree resin and wood, while vinyl flooring is manufactured from vinyl, fiberglass and dye. Linoleum is prone to moisture damage yet is more eco-friendly. Vinyl is moisture resistant but is made from non-renewable resources.  

How can I find a stain to match my existing hardwood floor?

Test the stain for on an inconspicuous portion of covered flooring to match to the original wood stain. Experiment with a blend of several stains of similar colors if needed. Factor in the quality and properties of different wood and patiently experiment for best results. Consult a CVM Enterprises Inc. representative for professional advice.  

What do I do if I have an issue with my floor?

Depending on the type of flooring you have, consult with a professional flooring contractor for qualified recommendations, repair and maintenance tips. CVM Enterprises Inc. offers free consultations and on-site repair and installation estimates to address any floor concern you may have. 

What are edge treatments?

The finish used to protect, conceal and decorate the edges of manufactured plywood and laminate, edge treatments can be used for molding and wood strips and are available with many types of flooring products.  

How will I know how to clean and maintain my floor?

Floor cleaning varies according to the type of flooring installation. While vinyl and laminates require sweeping, and damp mopping, wood flooring requires specialty cleaners and professional maintenance at regular intervals. Placing a doormat at exits and entrances to collect dust and dirt and using floor protectors on furniture legs will help to protect all floor types. Contact a CVM Enterprises Inc. flooring specialist for more information.  

What is the difference between unfinished and pre-finished hardwood?

Pre-finished floors offer a professionally finished wood surface without fumes, dust or fuss. Although pre-finished wood floors are more expensive, unfinished wood flooring may cost more in the long run due to the required treatments according to CVM Enterprises Inc. flooring experts and many home improvement enthusiasts.  

Do you give recommendations on the best type of flooring material to use?

Yes. CVM Enterprises Inc. is an experienced flooring contractor that bases flooring choices on a client’s specific style preferences in combination with a range of practical considerations that include the lifestyle and activity level in the home, the wear and tear to high traffic area, and the characteristics of the particular industry when planning flooring for commercial locations.  

How can I get pricing for various flooring options?

CVM Enterprises Inc. provides detailed price estimates at your commercial or residential location for a wide range of traditional and contemporary flooring options customized to the specific needs of your lifestyle or commercial industry.  

What are some sustainable flooring options?

Committed to providing environmentally responsible flooring products, CVM Enterprises Inc. offers finely finished reclaimed wood flooring, bamboo wood flooring, natural linoleum, and rubber flooring.  

How can I get a quote?

Contact a qualified CVM Enterprises Inc. representative for a free quote on flooring for your home or business and for answers to any questions.