Wood Floor Refinishing in St. Louis

If you are considering refinishing your wood flooring, CVM Enterprises Inc. is the team to call in St. Louis. We are an experienced flooring contractor that loves revitalizing rundown or faded wooden flooring. We will bring your flooring back to life with careful hands and expertise. Take advantage of our incredible team and our great prices today.

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Flooring Contractor Experienced in Refinishing

Hardwood floors are a beautiful part of any home. If your floors look a little run down, we want to help you bring them back to life. We are expert floor refinishers, and after one look at your flooring, we can determine the amount of work they require. Depending on the level of damage we need to fix, we will tell you whether your flooring requires a simple refinishing or a slightly more rigorous refurbishing.

Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cost Low

We can keep the cost low by providing our clients with a fast and thorough refinishing service. We already have all the equipment needed to get the job done right, so once you select the color of the stain you want to use, all we need to do is get started. Depending on the size of the space we are helping you with, you can expect the refinishing process to take 3-7 days, plus an extra day if we are staining your wood.

Because we work so quickly, plan the project thoroughly, and provide accurate quotes, you will know exactly what to expect from the project financially.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing for Remodeling

As St. Louis's finest flooring company, we have gained experience from many different projects. If you are remodeling but want to keep your original floors, CVM Enterprises Inc. is the name to know. We will help you refinish your floors so you can keep your old flooring look in your newly remodeled space. We will take great care when refinishing your floors. We are committed to ensuring your floors look better than ever by the time we are finished.

Floor Refinishing and Staining

Floor refinishing is a simple process but requires a true expert's knack to get the job done right.

Here's the process from top to bottom.

  • Assessment: We will inspect the floor and determine the required work.
  • Preparation: We will remove any floorboards or wainscoting, tighten gaps between floorboards, and fill any holes. Because hardwood floor refinishing is a dusty process, we will protect your entire home from dust too.
  • Sanding: We will carefully sand your floors. Starting with a coarser grit, we will work our way down smoother and smoother. We are expert sanders. There will be no gouges in your flooring when we are doing them!
  • Staining: This part is optional. Staining your wood is an attractive way to bring the best out of your hardwood flooring. We are staining experts and will guide you through the process.
  • Finishing: We will evenly apply a finishing coat over your newly sanded and stained hardwood floors. We will seal them and protects them for years to come.

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