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CVM Enterprises Inc.

As a reputable flooring contractor in St. Louis in business for many years, the main focus of CVM Enterprises Inc. is to provide homeowners and business owners with the very best flooring selections. We offer brand-name hardwood, laminate, natural stone, vinyl sheet, plank, or tile combined with a complete line of flooring services, including licensed flooring installation according to manufacturer’s recommendations.  

Committed to Service Excellence

When clients request a free flooring estimate, we don’t merely dispatch inattentive staff to simply take measurements at their home or business. CVM Enterprises Inc. provides each client with complete and qualified product information and recommendations to ensure that they are making the most informed decisions about flooring to choose the most appropriate flooring product suitable to their location and at the best possible price.

Not only is our team committed to providing clients with the latest trends in flooring styles, our certified technical staff are also on hand to make sure that your subflooring is properly evaluated and that every other practical consideration such as moisture levels and the durability requirements of your high-traffic areas are taken into account.

CVM Enterprises Inc. stands out from the rest by seeking to offer clients top-quality products combined with excellence in service that result in flooring that not only fits your lifestyle or business environment, but suits your budget and provides long-lasting 

Always Free Estimates

We invite clients to schedule a consultation to discuss flooring ideas. Our experienced and helpful sales experts will be happy to draw a mockup floor plan and make flooring recommendations on the spot and provide you with a free quote.

CVM Enterprises Inc. staff is also available to provide accurate estimates at your home for any remodeling project or will consult with our builders and contractors on site. We take pride in our work and have assisted a range of businesses and industries with all of their flooring requirements in an organized and efficient manner. 

We don’t sell flooring, we are a company 100% specialized in hard surfaces flooring install

We Have Your Flooring Solutions

CVM Enterprises Inc. understands that updating the flooring at your residential or commercial location is a significant investment toward improving the value, beauty and efficiency of your property. Count on service and product excellence from the CVM Enterprises Inc. team of experts that will not only cover your floors but every other aspect, including excellent floor selection and reliable installation and warranties.

Each member of our staff will work closely with you to help you find exactly the type of flooring you are looking for. Contact us for a review of our customer testimonials to find out more about the CVM Enterprises Inc. difference in both product and service and to schedule a free flooring estimate. 

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